How To Buy

How to Buy Buying a vehicle at auction has never been easier than at Smith’s Auction Company  event. In this section we'll cover the basics and, of course, we suggest you review the actual Terms and Conditions of Sale, which form the basis of our contract with all purchasers. Please don't hesitate to contact us at 800-200-6030 with any questions we can help answer or assistance we can provide


. PAYMENT OPTIONS - Buyers may choose any of the following arrangements for payment: cash, cashier's check, a personal check accompanied by a bank letter of guarantee . We do accept all major credit cards with a 2% Convenience fee on all purchases

. BUYER'S PREMIUM Smith’s Auction Company  charges a buyer's premium of 8% on vehicles and 10% on non-automotive items

. ABSENTEE and TELEPHONE BIDDING - If you are unable to attend an auction in person, just register in advance, and we'll arrange for a personal vehicle walk-through via telephone with one of our Motorcar Specialists, who then will be on the phone with you to execute your bids (Payment must be arranged in advance)

. ARRANGEMENTS – Smith’s Auction Company has Concierge Staff on hand to assist you with all aspects of your visit - simply call Regina at 800-200-6030. We've also arranged to have  transport options on site to help you with your post-purchase details


How To Sell 

When you decide to sell a collector vehicle or an entire collection Smith’s Auction Company  will guarantee you a straightforward transaction, the finest marketing around, and the optimum value for your assets.

The facts are presented below, but we invite you to contact us anytime to get your questions answered, and suggest you review the Sellers Terms and Conditions, which forms the basis of our contract with you.

CONSIGNING YOUR VEHICLE  We are dedicated to helping your choose the right event and timing to get you the best return on your investments. They will work with you directly to correctly market the vehicle facts, determine an estimated value, and set a reserve price, if you so choose. You make all the decisions and stay in control of the transaction at a Smith’s Auction event - after all, with a select Catalogue approach, the cars are carefully chosen to be the very best available at any time.  

AUCTION ESTIMATES – Smith’s Auction Company  will work with you to determine your vehicle's history, condition, rarity, and provenance, and arrive at an estimated value. While we are have over twenty years experience,, no one can predict the actual sale price of a given vehicle at auction, so the estimates are not a guarantee of the final sales price. Auction estimates do not include buyer's premium.

SMITH’S AUCTION COMPANY BROCHURES  - Every lot is exquisitely photographed and impeccably described in our   brochure , so your vehicle won't ever get lost in the crowd or compete with similar vehicles. These brochures  are delivered to thousands of collectors as well as dealers and restoration shops around the country.

ADVERTISING - Expose your car to the core of the market across the world. Through motoring publications, classic car magazines, and our in-house advertising and Public Relations departments, your vehicles are actively presented to qualified buyers.    

PAYMENT – Smith’s Auction Company  guarantees seller payment SAME DAY.  Our office will issue you a company check less fees to Seller on the day of sale as long as the title work is transferable.

CONCIERGE SERVICES - Consignors enjoy all of our VIP perks,  such as, VIP seating, and complimentary bidder's registration. We can also assist you with hotel reservations, restaurant suggestions, and travel arrangements as well - just call Regina at 1-800-200-6030  or e mail us at





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